02 Apr 2013

Spring Has Arrived And Ecologists Get Busy

At Sacha Barnes we know more than a thing or two when it comes to creating beautiful landscapes and managing trees but up until now we haven't been able to provide a fully qualified service in Ecology.  We are now very pleased to be working in association with Belos Ecology who can provide our clients with the expert and fully qualified service they have been asking for.  So if you have to check your gardens, development sites, ponds, old barns or woodlands for the presence of bats and newts, owls and badgers you can come to us and we will be pleased to provide the expert advice you need.

Architects, Planners, Land Agents and Developers all have to be aware of the legislation and protection that applies to wildlife.  Special licenses are required before the creatures and their habitats can be disturbed in any way, and even the surveying and monitoring of their routes and burrows has to be properly controlled.  As we come into Spring it's not only our native wildlife that comes to life; its the season for Ecologists to get out into the landscape to do their work and at Sacha Barnes we hope to be very busy in the coming months with this latest specialist service that we are pleased to offer through Belos Ecology (www.belos-ecology.com.)

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