Outdoor Sport, Recreation and Play

We prepare designs for urban parks, sports pitches, country parks and multi use games and play areas. We specialise in sports turf management and improving the performance of sports pitches and playing surfaces. This often requires a detailed assessment of ground conditions and patterns of use and where there are competing demands for the use of public spaces we design creative schemes that seek to balance these demands for the benefit of the whole community. Our services include:

  • Site assessment and analysis.
  • Creative layouts and designs.
  • Sports turf assessment and soil analysis.
  • Management plans.
  • Specifications and contract documentation.
  • Tendering and contract management.
  • Site supervision.
  • Management and maintenance specifications and programmes of work.

Clients include:

  • Banbury Town Council
  • Kidlington Parish Council
  • Farringdon Town Council
  • London Borough of Enfield
  • Sport for Napton