01 Feb 2013

New Archway Forms An Attractive Height Barrier At The Entrance To Kidlington Cemetery

Kidlington Parish Council wanted a height barrier to prevent lorries and high vehicles from using the Cemetery Car Park as an overnight stop.  Unfortunately all the barriers available on the market for urban car parks were very conventional and utility in design and even those adapted for rural sites and country parks were very heavy duty and not in keeping with the character of a civic cemetery.

The parish Council had been very pleased with the archway designed by Sacha Barnes Ltd.  for the civic garden at Exeter Hall and asked Jeremy if he could design a similar arch that would also function as a vehicle height barrier.  The arch would have to span 5.0 metres and open as two separate units so that permitted tall vehicles would be able to pass through.  It had to be very robust and yet function easily so that the Parish Council would have no problems with the opening and locking mechanism and above all it must be an elegant and attractive structure, providing a prestigious entrance to the new civic cemetery.

Jeremy prepared sketch concept designs and then approached Hawkins Group of Banbury who are experts in steel fabrication.  The design was refined and approved by the Parish Council and then with the input of design engineers it was fabricated at the Hawkins Steel works.  Hawkins installed the new archway on the 24 January 2013, and then tested the working mechanism to the client's full satisfaction.

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