25 Jan 2012

King Edwards Wharf in Birmingham

After nearly two years working with the management board for King Edwards Wharf in Birmingham  the project was completed in November with the placing of some very contemporary furniture in the sunniest part of the larger of the two courtyards. The courtyards presented quite a challenge as the surface forms the roof of the subterranean car park below. The sub base of the courtyard is a slab of reinforced concrete with no opportunity for excavation. Planting and colour was introduced with a number of large plant containers placed strategically to give special structure without obstructing pedestrian and vehicular passage. The planting had to take place in late October and the residents are looking forward to the succession of spring bulbs before the perennial and shrub species break into leaf and flower. Some immediate structure and height is given by a number of 1.8m tall timber obelisks that will support climbing honeysuckle and clematis. Each of the containers has space for some annual bedding plants to give splashes of vivid flower colour throughout the seasons. 

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