11 Jun 2012

Keeping up to date with latest developments on trees.


Jeremy and Andrew have just attended an excellent day of training on the latest update for British Standard 5837 : 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction Recommendations. The need to keep up to date with technical knowledge, legislation and regulations is vital for all practitioners and small businesses and yet taking the time out for training is never easy when the day job work has to be done and contract deadlines have to be met. Given the vast plethora of training opportunities on offer it’s important to choose carefully between what is desirable and what is essential. You also need to look very carefully at what is on offer during the training day and what it costs (including the cost of your time out). Where possible avoid the training days that are obviously padded out with superfluous stuff and select only the specific and well targeted technical training that is an absolute must for your industry. Great value can also be gained from short one or two hour events that don’t eat too much into your working day and yet offer up real gems of information. Jeremy is always amazed that more people don’t take advantage of the free seminars set up by the Banbury and District Chamber of Commerce.  They are free to members, they are delivered by local experts and they pack in lots of excellent tips and ideas for improving your trading prospects.

Sacha Barnes have just completed a tree survey for Bloxham Parish Council (thank you David C.) plotting and identifying the trees on their property with a condition statement for each tree. One essential ingredient of any risk assessment is actually knowing what you are responsible for and in this case the client can be sure that the report we submit will comply with the very latest set of professional guidelines and technical advice. With the training we have just completed we look forward to many more commissions with Town and Parish Councils, helping to bring their tree records and management plans up to date. Next time you bump into your local Councillor, or if you have a tree outside your garden that no one seems to claim as their responsibility, please ask  if the Council has an up to date  record or their trees and then suggest an excellent local company who can give them the very latest advice and professional service.

Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. 

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